A Three-Step Process to Becoming a Stealth Vaping Ninja at Work(in the office)

Vaping is a great way to either cut back on your cigarette smoking or enjoy a better alternative dosage of nicotine. However, many people frown on vaping in public, let alone in the workplace. This can be

Online Visibility Tip: Create a Video Podcast

You know how I’m always telling you to integrate video into your marketing mix? Well, what do you do with all those videos? On Build a Better Blog I shared my system for distributing my video tips

Is your Google Profile Up to Date?

I may sound like I’m harping on the same things all the time, but it’s because I love you! Nearly everyday I talk to a client or colleague who isn’t aware of the myriad possibilities for maintaining

Tweetworks Gives Twitter Focus

One of the challenges of Twitter is managing the stream of seemingly unrelated content that flows by from the people I follow. How do you find the conversations you want to follow or the exact people with

Internet Experts: How to Evaluate Who is Right for You

  For the last week Patsi, Kathleen Gage, and I have been working feverishly to create a really great teleseminar on Monday, Discover the 5 Internet Marketing Traps That Can Derail Your Business. Because I use Instant

3 Tools for Online Success – Free Audio

We had over 700 people registered for our teleseminar last night on The 5 Traps of Internet Marketing that Can Derail Your Business. Afterwards, many registered for our 4-week mentoring teleseries starting January 7, 2008: http://www.actandattract.com. Here’s