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Brian Baute

Congrats on getting #847. I'm a big fan of Sala's project also. It reminds me of the 2000Bricks.com project, which is also starting to get some buzz.


I would be very happy if you take a look at our project of shared images - SharedPlanets.com. It is something different than 1000 paintings, but maybe it will be interesting for you as well as - I hope - it is original too. If you donĀ“t think sou, sorry for wasting your time - and please delete this comment... Pili


Hi Denise
As I read you are owner of Salas Number 847. I just bought Jekes Paper-cut minute 19:08. The birth-time of my son. I am wondering why this artist still is unknown in united states or is it just to early? I was lucky to be one of the first or is it just not art?


I like this Web 2.0 Art Project: http://www.artinitials.com

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