Internet Experts: How to Evaluate Who is Right for You


For the last week Patsi, Kathleen Gage, and I have been working feverishly to create a really great teleseminar on Monday, Discover the 5 Internet Marketing Traps That Can Derail Your Business. Because I use Instant Teleseminar to set up and deliver our programs, everyone who registers can submit questions for us in advance and during the program. Today, I was checking to see what’s come in — 17 questions so far — and saw one that warrants answering now. It’s an excellent, valid question:

Why should we believe that you are any better that the other Internet marketers. They will claim how much they make. So what other criteria can we use to evaluate the validity of your claims?

I ran it by my partners and Kathleen responded…

There are many criteria to determine if someone is truly knowledgeable about Internet Marketing. Revenues would be one, but not the only one. Others would be:

  • Reputation
  • What others say, as in testimonials
  • Types of products and services offered. Are they stellar and do they solve a specific problem?
  • Track record
  • Name recognition in a way that is positive.

We do not claim to be better than everyone else. What we do claim is that we all make a very good living using the Internet.

As you will learn during the session on December 17th, Internet Marketing and Internet Marketers are not “one size fits all.” Tune in to find out what we mean by that.

Something we would invite and encourage you to do is a Google search on each of our names. You will likely find ample information to support our claims that we do know what we are doing.

I just did a Google search on “Denise Wakeman” and found 30,700 results! And not all of it is a reflection of my content, but of other people writing about me, interviewing me, mentioning my blog, etc. My cursory glance did not reveal anything negative so that’s a relief!

The point Kathleen is making, is that there are many ways to determine if a teacher, mentor, business expert or consultant is the right one for you. There are many criteria in addition to revenue.

I’ll declare it here.  I am single and my business, in partnership with Patsi Krakoff (Krakoff Wakeman Associates, Inc.) supports me full time.  My only source of income is this business and I’m very happy with my success and my life. Can you say the same about your business? I hope so, because there is nothing like living your dream and being your own boss! And honestly, this is all due to learning how to use the Internet to build my businesses over the course of the last 11 years.