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Becky Cortino

Thought-provoking list, Denise!

Here are 6 more ideas for repurposing content that I use:

1) Break copy points/concepts into manageable pieces and use as radio show content.

2) Create “tips booklets” with informational nuggets for mailing/personal distribution.

3) Create “tips e-booklets” with informational nuggets, available online by request via email.

4) Offer special seminar companion booklet or resource guide for purchase at event.

5) Put together a special report.

6) Create a Podclass.

...just tossing a few more ideas into the proverbial hat!

Becky Cortino


Great list Denise.Information s the best tool for Internet marketing.
I've printed your post as a daily reminder.

Andy Headworth

Excellent and succinct way of explaining what we should be doing each time Denise. My question about the steps are; Is this something that follow religously for each article your do? Is is the process you have gone through to generate all the podcast and video content you guys have produced?

Andy Headworth

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