Tweetworks Gives Twitter Focus

One of the challenges of Twitter is managing the stream of seemingly unrelated content that flows by from the people I follow. How do you find the conversations you want to follow or the exact people with whom to have that conversation? Yesterday, I learned about Tweetworks from my pal Mari Smith who always seems to know the latest and greatest in social media.

This is a twitter tool that has huge potential.

Tweetworks is designed to make micro-blogging more useful for people and businesses. Tweetworks is based on the simple premise that people like to talk about stuff with other people. And it is the stuff (ideas, questions, politics, sports, arts and so on) that brings people together and around which they form community.

The big deal about Tweetworks is that you can create and participate in groups. And groups can be public or private. Plus the conversations you have in the groups are threaded so you can follow the discussion AND you can choose whether or not your conversations get pushed out to your twitter stream for all your followers to see.

I got pretty excited about the prospect of having private groups…


If you teach classes, you can set up your participants in a private group and essentially use Tweetworks like an instant messaging discussion list.

You can set up your clients on a private group to give more support and intimacy and access to you. That could be a huge benefit for your clients.

As far as public groups go, you can set up a group for your town or neighborhood. It’s a great way to find local connections.

Set up a group that addresses your area of expertise.

I set up a public group called BusinessBloggers. Within a couple of minutes nine people had joined the group. Big deal you might think, but today, there are 24 members and we’re beginning to have focused conversations about the ins and outs of business blogging.

I’m connecting with people who I did not know before. They’re connecting with me and if we can help each other, that can only benefit all of us in the long run. The conversation is direct and focused. I choose to make the conversations visible on the main twitter stream so I can attract more people to the group.

The limitations of the application for me are 1) I have to go to yet another site to participate in a conversation and 2) you can only have one private group, unless you pay a very tiny fee of $24/year, so I guess that’s not really a limitation.

One more limitation: you can’t search for existing groups by keyword. You have to browse by alphabetically by group name and frankly it’s pretty hard to figure out how people name things. I have no doubt that will change.

Since I started using Twitter seriously for my business in February or March, I’ve come to realize the power of this tiny micro-blogging tool. If you want to connect with more people who share your interests and could benefit from your expertise, I STRONGLY recommend you get started on twitter. Set up your profile today. Get Twitter Revolution to learn from the masters and start participating.