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Denise Wakeman

Make sure you go through the extra step of verifying your name on your Google Profile. Here's a link to an article that explains how and why:

Joko Susilo

Good information. It's good way to branding our name in digital age.


Yeah, google profile is very important. I really agree with you. Thanks for the tips.

Stephen, the-freelance-editor

This is indeed helpful, and I've spent hours trying to get my profile online numerous times over the past few months. BUT, am I the only one who has trouble getting the page to update correctly and not erase all or random pieces of existing data as I work on it? I've found the entire process to be VERY infuriating-- and I'm a VERY calm and patient person!! What am I doing wrong?

Connie Ragen Green

Great info here. Do you have more details on how we can get our profile to look more like yours?

Melanie Kissell

Thanks, Denise!

The timing of your post couldn't have been any better. I created a Google profile some time ago, but it definitely needed some updating. Quite a bit of the information was stale and invalid. Also, Google located some additional links for me that I was able to quickly and easily add to my profile.

At this moment, I'm not certain I'll go through the "name verification" process. At some point, it may become a necessity.

Write On!

ashley Mahaffey

Thanks for "loving" us so much to make the tech part of our lives so much easier. I appreciate this tons. Now off to do my Denise Homework.

Debra Simpson

Thanks for the info Denise. I can't believe I could get "Debra Simpson."

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