Online Visibility Tip: Create a Video Podcast

You know how I’m always telling you to integrate video into your marketing mix? Well, what do you do with all those videos? On Build a Better Blog I shared my system for distributing my video tips for broad-based visibility, but I forgot a very important site and I thank my client Dr. Steven Park for bringing it to my attention…[click here if you can’t see the video]

So how did I create my video podcast?


Assuming you already have the video, you need to create a podcast feed that can be read and distributed by iTunes.

I use Audio Acrobat (I also host my audio programs here), though I’m sure there are other ways to do this. When you set up a new podcast, a feed is automatically generated that people can subscribe to in their feedreader and on iTunes. It looks like this:

I wrote a title (name of podcast) and keyword-rich description. There’s a specific section to set up distribution for iTunes since they require the promotional description in a very specific way. Don’t forget to include a link to the site you want people to check out if they want more information. In this case, the link I use goes to my Online Visibility Secrets program. Once that’s set up, you have to submit your podcast feed to iTunes for review.

If you don’t have an iTunes account, you set one up (free) and then click through to the Store, click on Podcasts, then click on Submit a Podcast. That’s it. They will notify you in a couple of days about whether or not it’s accepted.

You can check out my Online Visibility Tips video podcast here. I went a step further and had a small graphic image designed to help promote the tips. Again, from a visibility perspective, it helps with brand and name recognition.

I have to say it was kind of cool to see my own videos on my iPod

I upload the video to my account and assign it to the podcast I’ve created.

The cool thing is that when you upload your new video, you can select the date you want it to be distributed (I have about 6 in the queue right now) and they will automatically be published on your desired date.

Now you can take my video tips on the go with you. Pretty convenient! I catch up on a lot of content when I travel and being able to watch videos from my favorite experts is really helpful.

Remember, video can have a very big impact and you can see that with so many simple distribution methods, you can have tremendous reach online and attract many new people into your world.

If you’re still on the fence about video, I encourage you to dive in now. As my gift to you for reading this post, here’s a $50 gift coupon when you invest in Online Video Made Easy, a self study video program for newbies, taught by me and the Online Video Guy, Lou Bortone. Use coupon code OV50 (25% discount) when you check out.

Finally, I’m curious to know how you’re using video to boost your visibility. What tips do you have and where else should I (and everyone!) be syndicating their videos?


Online Visibility Tip: Create a Video Podcast