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Thanks, Denise, for the helpful recommendations about the video camera model, where to purchase, lighting (the video was helpful), and producing a series of videos.


Hi Denise

I've just made a video and blog post about the video kit I normally recommend to friends/clients/family etc. This set up is one step up from the Flip option but your readers may find it helpful.


I'm going to be continuing this video as a series covering how to use all the bits of equipment but will then talk about using the videos for web series and video podcasts, etc.

Nathan Rae

Denise Wakeman

Nathan, thanks for sharing the link to your video kit recommendation. Very cool and I appreciate the level of expertise you share.

Technology Guy

I felt you had some great advice on shooting an internet video. Often time’s people want to shoot an internet video, but don’t know the first thing about video recording. This article gives great information about recording internet video without getting too overly detailed and confusing. Great article!

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