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Werner Patels

Very interesting. I might consider doing that with my blogs. I would go for the free, ad-supported version, of course.

Deb Ng

I've been thinking about hiring someone to create an iPhone or other smartphone app for my blog network but the price quotes I'm receiving are beyond my budget.

As the folks who visit my blogs aren't much into spending money, I'm not sure a paying iPhone App would work?

Still, I'll look into it a bit more. I do think folks can benefit.

Thanks, Denise!

Kim Dushinski


Very interesting concept. Of course getting the app approved is only the first step, then you have to market the app to get people to get it.

This is the same concept as writing a book, then marketing it. Building a site and getting traffic to it. Opening a store and getting customers to walk in.

The app itself is not the end result.

Denise Wakeman

Kim,you are spot on about the marketing for an app or anything else for that matter. That's a discussion for another blog post!

Lauren McMullen

I for one don't want ads on my IPhone and I think I will quit carrying it 24/7 if I am bombarded with marketing.

Deb Ng

After consideration, I went for it and also applied for consideration. I feel it will be an interesting experiment - for me and other bloggers and another perk for my community.

Thanks for the tip. I read about it at Chris' blog but it didn't really sink in until I read it here.

KEO Marketing - Innovative Online Marketing Solutions

I think Iphone Apps have really changed they way things work this is just another example of how apps have really made things easier.

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