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dean graziosi

Hey its good to know Social Media Examiner and I have also visited it.After knowing its information now I am also impressed like you.Its interesting to watch this video about the power of social media.


I don't doubt that social marketing can work for some. I have to admit that I have experienced very little success using this medium to build traffic to the dizzy heights many people rave about. Maybe like most aspects related to the internet the millions of marketers all using similar ideas have simply saturated that method of marketing?

Thanks for the interesting post.

Security Tape

It's so true, a company (my ex-employer) used loads of social marketing as it was relevant to the services they were selling and it really helped a lot. In response to the previous comment, I guess it depends partially on the content of the site/product being sold. And don't necessarily just use that one method.

Tamper Proof Tape

I've also been slightly skeptical about the results that you can gain, I've attempted to bump up my traffic this way, and I feel like the content is interesting enough etc so I just don't believe in such power of social marketing. I'd like someone to physically come and prove me wrong by using to bump up my traffic but otherwise, I'm a doubter!

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