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Dana Wilde

Awesome interview, Denise!

Fabulous content as always, but this was a really special interview. Something new and original.

Thanks so much for all your good work.

Sending my best ... :) Dana


What an empowering interview! Dr. Rachna you've refueled my interest in Clinical Psychology. You've given us enough information to apply to our endeavors in Social media and shared what we need to watch out for where it concerns best practices.

It's important to not only be visible but to be visible in the right way and have an effective visibility plan.

I look forward to learning more from you!

Thanks Denise.


Dana & Robin,

Thanks so much for your kind comments! Glad you enjoyed the interview, I think we'll have lots more content like this coming soon!



Hi Dr Rachna and Denise

Thanks for the interesting interview, I always learn from you.

My take-away is to use priming more in my blog posts to give readers a frame and a book-end and empower them to learn something that they can use.

Your VirtualPM, Linky

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