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I have been following Chris now for a few years as well. What I am finding interesting with his youtube teaching is that he links a lot of the pearls he may have discovered in his over the top study of Google with what he is doing as sometimes some of them are the same. It seems to me that many of the social platforms at a geek algorithm level emanate and share each others tricks freely. Chris knows the history and doesn't forget it.

Yusuf Chowdhury

Thank you for sharing this Denise. My good friend Rebecca Happy introduced me to Chris Lang I was really amazed by his knowledge in Google and video marketing. I am so grateful for that. Thanks for the awesome post again :)

geoff Lord

Thanks for sharing this with us debbie. Chris is a very Knowledgable guy when it comes to anything YouTube and well worth listening too.

Geoff Lord

Jennifer Styblo

Thanks for sharing this, Denise! I am new to the YouTube video world, and Chris Lang can really teach. It is great to see the real-life examples, which makes the information more concrete.

Walt Goshert

Thanks Denise for sharing Chris's video on YouTube video.

You're right... pure content. The Case Studies are filled with tips on how to really get your YouTube videos views and ultimately visits to your site.

The big take-away is, that just like lots of online marketing efforts, it's paying attention and executing the details that make the difference and build long-term value.

Debbie Ducic

You have done a great service to your readers by reviewing this valuable teaching video by Chris Lang, Denise, because I would have done things differently had I known before and would have gotten my Sydney New Years 2011 video thousands more views! But more than that, I now understand how different types of videos work to help Youtube and Google search rankings. VALUABLE stuff to your readers who do video!

Chris Lang

Hello Denise and thanks so much for all the good words. How will Margie get my head thru doors for the next week or so?

I am really seeing a big change in YouTube, and that is good for some, not for others as YouTube becomes a TV station.

My Google TV App just changed completely with the new OS update last week. Now I see a set of channels if you will, music, sports, comedy, tech.

Between the new YouTube app, the new Netflis app and 3 other streaming stations on my Sony GTV box I have cut my cable bill in half!

Again, I can't thank you enough Denise, it's great when you see your hard work rewarded by top authorities!

Rocque Bowen

Chris Lang keeps so many of us informed about the current trends for getting visitors to our websites. He does all the work for those of us who just do not have the time. Plus he seems to be able to talk at the level of the beginner to the highly advanced website or blog owner. Now he has taken his gift for sharing and teaching to a whole new level with this freely given information on this YouTube video.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Scott A Dennison

Hi Denise,

Nice to connect with you again. Thanks for validating not only Chris, but also YT as a great place to get your message out.

There is clearly something amiss in my efforts to capitalize on this. Maybe you can clue me into something I'm missing on.

A client has created over 100 videos and they've all been 'blasted' out using the TG tool and posted to YT in the process.

However in Google Analytics, we find exactly ZERO traffic from YT his website.

I'll too pause and watch Chris video case studies, but if you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them.

Mark Harai

One thing is for sure Denise; In 2011, I notice many more blog posts covering video for effective blogging and traffic generation - this will be a break-out year for video blogging. As well, I concur with community sentiment - have been connected with Chris for a couple of years now and he consistently drops greats nuggets.

Thanks :)

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