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100% agree with this. My blogging is erratic, probably as I do not schedule effectively.

Christopher Hinn

I also do social marketing for my business and I go to sites who can be a possible client for my business not on sites that doesn't use my services. I also go to sites that are updated all the time.

Lorenz @ XARC Mastering - The Online Mastering Studio

I for myself don´t like all the Web 2.0 hype to much, I simply don´t have the time nor interest to tell anyone what I am currently doing. However, it is vital to do it these days and yes I also have got clients via Twitter for my online mastering studio.

Bookmark Submission

There are a lot of people who blog with enthusiasm the first time but unfortunately this enthusiasm wanes and eventually their blog loses life. It is sad when this happens and it's good to take your advice of being constant by having a plan. It is wise advice.


The above comment is true. But its very difficult to continue without having peaks and valleys. However, nonetheless shoul you continue to strive for excellence to yield exellence!

Boots and Style

Getting down the right plan of action for connecting with those who share the same interests as me is something I'm working on now. Connecting men or women like yourself is the key to establishing your blog or website.

Social marketing is all the buzz these days but it really does work if you stick a sound model. Thinking through the eyes of a potential visitor helps a lot too.

Jenna Hobes

This is a good reminder of what's important once you get started. It's so easy to lose focus and interest these days, but in order for your business to survive in this swim of competition, you really need to keep at a constant. Keeping up with what people are buzzing about and making your presence known every so often is really the best way to stay afloat in web marketing. Thanks for this.

Business Consulting Services Australia

Social media presents a very strong base for marketing and promoting products. Although a large number of people (no thanks to 'automated' social media apps) tend to push it by blatant over-selling products in their network of followers or fans.

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