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David Gadarian

Thanks Denise. Looks like I'm off to Boston on April 3 for the Boston Media Makers meeting... great tips all around.

kiralık devremülkler

thank you. i love to read this type of information posts. again thank you...

Account Deleted

Your social media tips are amazing. You have present them very nicely. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.


Great post, Denise! Those words coming from the 8 experts will surely help a lot of newbies out there. Thanks again for the tips.

Geri | Testimonial Express

Jay DeVincentis

Great blog! I'm going to implement your first tip right away!


Can you recommend any social media marketing resources customized for small business?


John Paul

I like #3-4-5

I follow ING and really like how they are "present" on Facebok.

I have slowly started to actually meet people offline..lol almost forget these are real people in the real world.

Great Post.

Brian O'Connell

Nice post, I like what you said about researching what your customers are saying, that can give you a lot of good ideas to pursue and improve on.


Great post. You have to remember that social media is a place to get to know people and interact with them. If you only focus on your business you are going to lose on a very powerfull tool.

Jamie Fairbairn

Thanks for putting this post together. There's some excellent advice. I particularly liked points 4, 5 & 6.

Dean's insight into using a negative slant in your headlines was really interesting.

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