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Given away free ebooks are great also..it will prompt people to give out their contact info..

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When you are not well know, list building can be challenging because we are all on email overload. People are a lot more picky about giving out their email address than they used to be.

Many of my clients have had good results building their list using a Free Report or eBook and Facebook advertising. I recommend they set a limit of $25/week and then set up a campaign. They can sometimes (depending on the cost per click) get 100-200 sign ups a month for $100 spent.

You just need to keep a close watch on what you are spending so you don't go overboard.
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I still prefer article marketing for free list building. I have written an article a day, every day, since 2007, and this has built my list with interested prospects. I then take all of the articles and repurpose them into many other formats.

Maverick Money Makers

Building A list Is definitely important Denise. Thanks for these great tips.

Denise Wakeman

If you prefer an audio version of the post, you can listen to it here on Cinch: http://www.cinchcast.com/denisewakeman/boost-your-visibility/183489

Account Deleted

Free teleseminars have been very effective for me. As has interviewing experts.

Great post Denise.


Thanks for the tips ......

Chantal Beaupré

Hello Denise,

Your post is highly instructive... and yet, there are so many coaches and consultants neglecting this side of their business, forgetting that "the gold is in the list."

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!


Ozio Media

Building an opt-in list is all about benefiting the recipient of your e-mails. From the outset, you must have something of value, usually in the form of information or promotions that they want and aren’t already getting from someone else. An effective method of building your opt-in list is to provide a beneficial freebie and not to saturate someone’s inbox with e-mail after e-mail that they will more than likely come to delete without ever opening over time.

Brian O'Connell

Nice post, interesting that you mentioned mail chimp, I started using it for my company and have been very happy so far.

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