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Stephanie LH Calahan aka @StephCalahan

Pretty cool resource Denise. I jumped on board. Also learned a new way of processing affiliates.

Denise Wakeman

I bought this package a couple days ago. Max, the creator over delivers. Yesterday, I received a follow up email with yet another bonus graphics package. This guy is obviously going for volume because the amount he is charging for these graphics is ridiculously low. It's no wonder that hundreds of marketers have jumped on it.


Thanks so much for sharing, Denise. I spent over an hour yesterday looking for a way to create a custom header without Photo-shop and got nowhere. This is truly an answered prayer! Glad you're in my "Rock Star" list on Twitter so I saw this tweet!

Thanks again,
Julie Anne Jones

Jeff Wise

Thank you for bringing this offer to my attention. I made my purchase and can't wait! I was about to drop a lot of money on graphics and I'm sure glad I waited!


Thanks, Denise. This is fantastic.



Do you offer bulk rates for combining packages?


Paulus Sarwana

Thank you for mentioning the resources, Denise. Don't worry for being too salesy, especially if the package is truly a great deal. I think I need these kinds of graphic images for my internet business.


Nice article, thanks for sharing that grafics info. I always like finding new resources for graphics.

Susan Johnson

I also bought this set and for the price it can't be beat, and there are a lot of extras included. I have already used this to help me to make a header for power point presentation. Thanks.

Internet Marketing Tools

I just grabbed the pakage. It feels pretty cool.

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