A Three-Step Process to Becoming a Stealth Vaping Ninja at Work(in the office)

Vaping is a great way to either cut back on your cigarette smoking or enjoy a better alternative dosage of nicotine. However, many people frown on vaping in public, let alone in the workplace. This can be a frustrating experience, but stealth vaping can help. Utilize the following tips below to become a stealth vaping ninja.

Step One: Buy the Right Stealth Vape Equipment

There are a variety of vape kits that you can purchase that’re perfect for stealth vaping your vape juice. The Juul is one of these kits: it’s not only small enough to be easy to hide, but also lacks the large flashing light that can attract attention while you are vaping. It’s also potent and features a high-concentration of nicotine and low levels of vapor. If you go bigger, like with a box mod, you will need to also have a special vape battery charger for your vape batteries.

When choosing vapor liquid,  try to get one that is 50/50 PG to VG. The reasons for this are simple: high levels of VG cause heavy vapor fumes, but provides you with a high dose of nicotine. Balancing it with PG helps decrease the intensity of your cloud. Clear Steam is one of the best examples of this type on the market.

Another way you can decrease your steam cloud is to add a little distilled water into your juice. Add less than 10% extra water to your juice, as more will increase the temperature of your vaper and make burns more possible.

Step Two: Inhaling for Maximum Stealth

There are two different ways you can inhale on your vaper to maximize your stealthiness. The first is the deep inhale. Holding the steam in your lungs will cause it to dissipate slightly and decrease the denseness of your cloud. Try to hold it for at least 3-5 seconds before exhaling.

A variation on this technique is to inhale a burst of air after taking your hit to further decrease the intensity of your cloud. This technique is appropriate only if you take small hits, as doing it with big hits can cause you to gasp for air and cough.

Step Three: Exhaling for Maximum Stealth

There are several different ways you can exhale vapor in order to make your vape more stealthy. A favorite is known as “the swallow.” This technique requires taking a deep hit and holding the vapor in your lungs.

Now slowly exhale a small amount of vapor through your nose. This will not only make the vapor more invisible, but dilute it with oxygen to decrease its smell. If you’re not comfortable holding that much vapor in your lungs, you can try dissipation techniques.

These require taking small inhales on the vaper and blowing the cloud down your shirt. This should dissipate the vapor in a way that not only eliminates the large cloud, but also the smell. Try to avoid blowing more than a mouthful at once or this technique simply won’t work.

Mastering stealth vaping will help you vape like a ninja in places where it’s either banned or frowned upon. It’ll also help make you a more popular participant at parties, especially at those held by people who either dislike vaping or who are against it entirely.